Inner City Scaffolding expands its project capability with HAKI Universal façade system at Parkside Parade.


Our new project in Parkside Parade underpins  Inner City Scaffolding’s investment in HAKI Universal façade scaffolding, to complement the HAKI System Staircase and Roofing systems.


This project is a reclad upgrade works to live residential blocks which will run for 18 months.


Key Metrics: 100 Tonnes of high level HAKI Universal façade system scaffolding, based off complex large span Asterix HD bridging and shear bolt support scaffolds, with approx. 50 Tonnes of tube & fitting Independent low-level façade access scaffolds and adjoining full-height material hoist


Challenges: Live residence, impaired logistics, large bridge spans, compartmentalised shear wall support locations for bridged arrangements, locations exposure to wind and high pedestrian/vehicle traffic routes


Project Resolve: Inner City Scaffolding onboarded the project challenges and client requirements, opting for the HAKI Universal façade system scaffolding to achieve the required access, in service load class and global loading placed upon its structure and foundations. Along with the client, Inner City Scaffolding recognised the need to meet design criteria, whilst ensuring that a systemised approach added key safety factors in reduced component handling, re-enforced SG4 approach of advanced guard rails, and locking board catches.


The move to supply the HAKI Universal system scaffold complements further the large stock of HAKI System Staircases and 750AL Roofing already stocked, which moving forwards will benefit all project stakeholders.