The importance of social value

Inner City Scaffolding is increasingly aware of the impact our works may have on the social, economic, and environmental well-being in local communities that surround our projects. Importantly, and to this end, we have set out our Social Values Policy in accordance with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, in tandem this policy is supported by our company Quality, Environmental & Sustainability Policy. We understand the importance and actively engage with all our clients, seeking confirmation of their Social Value goals for the project, and whilst we are eager to see the immediate benefits that such initiatives can bring to the neighbourhood (to people through employment and training, to business through regular procurement, business mentoring, supplier introductions, and to the community via sponsorships, volunteer days, fun days etc) what we look to achieve are Social Value legacies that continue, and grow, long after our contract has reached com­pletion.


We are fully committed to promoting equality in the workplace and will work vigorously to ensure that all employees are aware of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy, its implications, and best practices, with all employees expected to constantly comply with these guidelines. We will always recognise our legal obligations in the field but above all we will encourage an atmosphere of inclusiveness. All recruitment procedures reflect a clear understanding of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy with appointments being made on merit only; we reward all employees at the same remuneration for a defined job but do recognise that differences in the level of experience may lead to variable pay. In addition to our employees, our suppliers and customers are actively encouraged to follow our lead and adopt similar policies within their organisations.


Employment and Skills

We will look to continuously supplement our delivery team through an initiative to employ from ‘project neighbourhood’, and in doing so enable local people to obtain the skills needed to access employment elsewhere. Our team actively engage with local authority, government-funded employment agencies, to help encourage job seekers who fall within the local borough where the project is situated to work. Our team also attend local employment fairs to engage with local residents, present employment opportunities and offer advice to progress in the construction industry.


Support the use of the local supply chain

We will support the local services (shops/eateries) and will procure goods and services locally and in doing so offer both neighbourhood economic benefits, and environmental sustainability benefits, through the mitigation of unnecessary road journeys.


Charitable engagement

As part of our Social Value Framework, we look to engage and support local charities where our projects are commencing. This includes encouraging both site-based and office staff to contribute individually whilst simultaneously contributing as a company. A prime example of this is our work over at Roxwell Road, where we are working in collaboration with our client to gather donations for the local food bank.


Our charity work doesn’t end with just site based work. We also actively engage in charitable donations throughout the year. Recently, Nathan McEwan-Cook, Inner City Scaffolding’s marketing manager worked in collaboration with Downwell, Inner City Environmental and ESD Recruitment to collect donations for The Cowshed charity.


Nathan stated “This was an incredible opportunity for us as a group to contribute to a charity that does incredible work all year round. It’s exciting to have the backing from Inner City’s Directors Sean Phillips, Ben Ramsey and Matt Wright, to further encourage our contribution both locally and nationwide. Thanks to Nick Greenfield, Director of Inner City Environmental for the initial organisation of the collaboration.” You can see our collection over on our linked in page here:



The construction industry contributes greatly to local economies, creating local jobs and encouraging spend within the area. Inner City Scaffolding are proud to contribute and engage with clients Social Value Frameworks, encouraging sustainability for all.