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Demolition Scaffolding

Demolition Scaffolding

Demolition Scaffolding Services

Inner City Scaffolding work with many of the top demolition contractors in London and the South East. Our work covers a vast range of intricate, complex demolition, dismantling, and deconstruction projects. The majority of these projects are in inner-city locations where space is limited. Our work includes scaffolding protection and support for the duration of the demolition process.

Scaffolding services for the demolition process.

A building’s demolition brings significant hazards, especially when the building or structure is close to other buildings and live working environments. The type of demolition scaffolding we provide is subject to the contractor’s chosen demolition method, which often means a full encapsulation of the building incorporating dust and falling debris measures.

With most demolition work, a degree of asbestos removal invariably occurs, and we can provide licensed scaffolding in conjunction with our sister company Inner City Environmental.

Building encapsulation for top-down demolition.

With many local authorities redeveloping large housing estates, it involves the demolition of high-rise tower blocks. These blocks are often very close to each other, and therefore space around them is often restricted.

The usual method of demolition is ‘top down’ which involves demolishing the building floor by floor. Inner City will provide full building encapsulation covered in monarflex or debris netting. Debris fans and anti-climb measures are incorporated.


Protection screens and temporary propping.

When conventional demolition occurs close to live environments, buildings, roads, and railways, Inner City will install support scaffolding or protection screens.

We also provide propping for temporary support of sections of buildings and structures until building work can take place.

Our full range of Demolition scaffolding includes;

• Building encapsulation

• Protection screens

• Pedestrian gantries and walkways

• Debris and protection fans

• Heavy duty loading bays

• Staircases

• Propping

• Access ramps

Demolition Scaffolding
Demolition Scaffolding


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