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Ujima House

Ujima House

Category: Demolition Scaffolding

Ujima House is mixed use regenerative scheme led by Brent Council to facilitate better community workspace and residence. Inner City Scaffolding became involved early on to value engineer, design and deliver a traditional tube, fitting and beamed collective protection scaffold, to give access whilst aiding the safe demolition of the existing pot and beam, brick-clad building. Key challenges presented themselves and were overcome, ranging from the adjacent railway, neighbouring premises in close proximity, logistical weight and loading limits, plus available tie positions during the demolition process. All elements were overcome during high-risk reviews and think tank sessions during the design led process, that resulted in a reduced scaffold overall footprint and demolition change process to better manage the work scope confines.


Project Length: 10 Weeks


Key Deliverables (Approx.):

2000m3 of Containment/Access Independent Scaffolding, weighing approximately 65 Tonnes

470m2 of timber decking, based on 930m of scaffolding lifts and bridged beams

7,700m of scaffolding tubes, supporting 1250m2 of Flame Retardant Sheeting

Total 12,600 components delivered to the scheme


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