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Broadwater Farm

Broadwater Farm

Category: Demolition Scaffolding

Inner City Scaffolding was tasked with the design and erection of the demolition scaffold to the external faced of Tangmere House in Tottenham. The demolition sequence on the job was a top down which required a safe platform at each floor level to prevent any chance of fall.

Material from the floors was brought down a fully boarded ranch chute at one end of the building to allow a safe method of dismantling and waste management. The external scaffold was fully clad in flame retardant monaflex to stop debris and dust from escaping.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consisted of a fully back propped support scaffold to the front of the building due the specialist dismantle of the mural that was recently listed and is due to be repositioned elsewhere.

Supporting the walkways is a key area in phase 2 as they are tied into the mural itself, the scaffolding is to take the weight of each walkway while sections are saw cut and lifted down by crane then allowing the mural to be dismantled section by section.


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